Despite low unemployment rate, it’s a ‘candidates job market’ in Bay Area


BAY AREA (KRON) — She drives for Uber now but Tayler Murphy is looking for a new, higher paying job.

“I mostly work with computers, I am skilled with excel and microsoft and things like that so I am looking for work in an office as a receptionist,” Murphy said.

San Jose’s Adecco Staffing Services is helping Murphy and other job seekers in what Branch Manager Shawn Kelley says is a “candidate’s job market.”

“Just because the unemployment rate is low does not mean there aren’t jobs out there, it’s quite the opposite actually,’ Kelley said.

Adecco and other listings show that in the tech sector, data scientist and a-i jobs are in demand. After tech, the most jobs may be in health care.

“Home health aides are on the rise, clinical positions and back office staff are all on the rise” she said. Construction is another hot sector.

San Jose’s Barry Swenson and other builders have openings for both skilled and unskilled workers, says Vice President Dave Gibbons.

“Across the board, superintendents, project managers, cost estimators, engineers, all these are in high demand, people coming out of school are getting good salaries and it’s just hard to find enough qualified applicants,” he said.

One of the very hottest jobs out there right now is interpreter or translator.

The courts are hiring and so is Silicon Valley, says Annabella Garay of the Federation of California Translators.

“There is a ton of technology that is expanding and used worldwide and that information and your apps and everything has to be translated into the language of the user,” she said.

“Artificial intelligence is not going away,” Kelley said. “It’s something that everyone needs to embrace, it’s here, it’s staying with us and we’re moving to a hugely based a-i job market.”

The rise of e-commerce means warehouse workers are needed along with sales positions. Forklift operators are in demand.

Non-profit work is a hot sector and career counselors are finding work.

“It’s so expensive here, it’s hard, you make $15 dollars an hour but that’s not enough to buy a house,” Murphy said.

Hoping for a bump in pay, Murphy and other applicants are learning about hiring incentives, like help paying off student loans.

Few jobs pay enough to support a typical Bay Area mortgage these days but the high cost of housing is driving wages up.

Not for everybody but it’s a good time to be looking for a job.

“It gives the candidates more opportunity to negotiate that pay, when there’s a small candidate pool,” Kelley said. “But don’t get lost in the fact that there are no jobs because it’s quite the opposite.”

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