Dispensaries prepare for 420, the Black Friday of the marijuana industry


San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park usual fills up with people passing the pipe or joint or edible on 420, the annual high holiday.

But this is the first year it’s legal to purchase recreational marijuana in California.

And the city, police and businesses are getting ready for a big day.

As the owner of a marijuana shop in San Francisco’s Marina district tells Justine Waldman, 420 is the Black Friday of the cannabis industry.

He’s expecting a lot of customers and long lines.

The city is also getting prepared for the weed smoking holiday. The smoke haze will again rise above Hippie Hill on 420.

The celebration is expected to draw 15,000 people to Golden Gate Park.

There will be extra police in the park, as well as private security, and porta-potties.

San Francisco laid down the ground rules for the unsanctioned holiday. No tents, canopies, or tables. No coolers larger than 9 by 12. No barbecues or cooking equipment. No amplified sound equipment. No drones, no glass and absolutely no one under 18 years old and no violence.

Marijuana sales are expected to be high on Friday as people stock up on buds. At The Apothecarium on Lombard Street, the store has it all in stock.

“This is our big moment.”

Extra staff will be working long hours to accommodate the crowds.

Plus, as a way to entice customers, it will be offering special discounts.

“Flower, edibles, vapor cartridges and we got a little bit of everything and we are going to take care of the public.”



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