(KRON) — How many Americans use the phone while behind the wheel? A new survey from ComparetheMarket.com says a good chunk of us do.

According to the survey, over 55% of drivers admit that they use their phone behind the wheel, even though it is illegal in some states. Sixty-seven percent of those who do use their phone while driving use navigation applications most frequently.

The next most popular applications were text messaging apps. Fifty five percent of those who use phones while driving use them for messaging. Respondents said the third most popular apps when driving are usually music related, with over 43% of those surveyed saying they need to find the ride tunes when out for a cruise.

Over 47% of Americans admit that speeding is a part of their routine while driving. And when it comes to safety, not everyone prioritizes a seatbelt. In fact, over a third of respondents admitted to driving without a seatbelt on.

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The most common things that Americans do while in the car? Stuffing our faces apparently, with over 65% of those surveyed reporting that they chow down on the road.

A key takeaway from the survey is one that may surprise you. In the US, those aged 18-24 are the least likely out of all age groups to use their phones behind the wheel with only 41% admitting to the habit. About 63% of adults aged 25-34 admit to using their mobile phone while driving.


This survey was conducted in the US, Australia, and Canada. For more information on the methodology behind the survey, please visit the ComparetheMarket website.