SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — A South Bay couple is out a vehicle after their truck exploded in the driveway of their home after Fourth of July.

Margaret and her husband said they replaced the batteries in their smoke detectors recently, but the detectors still did not alert them to a fire. It would have ended differently for them if it were not for their dog. 

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“My husband thought he heard a firework, a dud, you know when they don’t work, and then, BOOM,” said Margaret Bols, homeowner. That loud noise, Margaret and her husband heard, was not fireworks.

Instead, it was their truck that had exploded in the driveway, even burning their house early Friday morning. “I was in shock, I don’t even know how I got out of the house,” said Margaret.

Bols said her dog, Spenser, was barking nonstop and alerted them. Her smoke alarms failed to work by not going off.

Bols, said earlier in the day she smelled something coming from the truck. “It was 4th of July, it’s nothing, I’m sure and it was gone,” said Margaret.

The used truck her husband bought two months ago exploded hours later which she thinks was an electrical problem. “I want to find out why that truck blew up,” said Margaret.

Margaret Bols and her husband are grateful they had enough time to get out safely and credit their dog for alerting them of the fire.