Dog shot with arrow in Marysville


MARYSVILLE (KTXL) — Axel is a playful, 7-month-old husky in a neighborhood where there are plenty of dogs, but Wednesday he had a scar where an arrow entered his side.

“Unbelievable, you know? Speechless that it happened,” Isaias Ramirez, Axel’s owner, told FOX40.

Axel left the Marysville Vet Hospital on Wednesday after having a drainage tube removed. His owners couldn’t believe what they were told after neighbors found their bloodied dog wandering the street.

“When they told me he was shot, I couldn’t believe it, you know?” Ramirez said. “Because dogs are humans too, you know? So it just hurt.”

Police looked at security cameras and determined that Axel was shot around 10 a.m. on Monday. It wasn’t until the afternoon that a neighbor spotted him and got him to the vet.

Axel apparently shook off the arrow lodged in his side. It ended up on the street corner near this hedge. Neighbors say it had a short shaft, meaning it was likely shot from a crossbow.

Police say a broad-tipped hunting arrowhead was used. It penetrated the dog’s torso but missed his vital organs, allowing for a quick recovery.

Anyone with information about the arrow attack is asked to contact the Marysville Police Department.



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