A domestic violence suspect led police on a chase across Los Angeles County Tuesday night.

The pursuit originated from West Covina then snaked its way through areas of South Los Angeles on freeways and surface streets.

West Covina police confirmed that the driver of the vehicle was wanted in connection to a domestic violence incident, including domestic rape.

The vehicle reached speeds of more than 100 mph as the driver continued to evade police for more than an hour.

The California Highway Patrol did not immediately engage the pursuit as West Covina police continued their chase.

The driver eventually led law enforcement back to West Covina where police officers engaged with pit maneuvers to stop the vehicle. At one point, the vehicle slid over a center divider and crashed into a pole.

On two occasions the vehicle appeared to be stopped, but then took off as police got into position to bring the driver into custody.

The vehicle ultimately stopped after a police cruiser successfully pushed the fleeing vehicle into a parked car near the intersection of Broadmoor and Workman avenues.

Around 11:10 p.m., despite being surrounded by vehicles on all sides, the driver again attempted to take off, sending smoke and sparks into the air as the tires spun ineffectively.

Police surrounded the vehicle and a SWAT team was called into the scene, but the driver still refused to surrender.

By midnight, the driver remained in the vehicle and police had not yet breached the vehicle in an attempt to take them into custody.

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