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Dozens of school administrators in Santa Clara were tested for COVID-19 after potential exposure


SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — More than 45 school principals and administrators in Santa Clara have sheltered in place and undergone testing after a potential coronavirus exposure.

This comes after one school district employee tested positive for coronavirus following a large in-person meeting just a few weeks ago.

Back in mid June, a district employee tested positive for coronavirus a few days after attending an in-person leadership meeting inside one of the buildings at their educational options campus.

As a result, the other principals and administrators at that meeting were told to shelter in place and undergo testing. 

In a statement, the school district says those in attendance wore masks and maintained social distancing protocols and so far, no one else has tested positive.

The district says the complexity of developing the plan for reopening schools in the fall is why they choose to hold this meeting in person, rather than online.

“I know there may be some there some that question every decision we make but the reality is there’s no road-map for this pandemic our county health officials who were lien for information in guidance are also facing this reality,” Dr. Stella Kemp said.

A parent of two children in the district says this should be a wake up call.

“It’s kind of like the universe is holding up a big sign saying hey this is your get out of jail free card take this as a lesson learned and make sure if you are going to open classrooms and you’re going to go to a hybrid system that you really are maintaining 6-feet of distance that you’re really making sure everybody has a face mask,” she said.

Although the school district says they followed all health department guidelines, the Santa Clara County Health Department said in a statement:

“The health order currently in place allows local governments to conduct essential business in person, and to decide for themselves what is essential. Our recommendation has always been that to the extent possible, meetings should not be in person and should happen virtually. In this case, it is not clear why meeting in person was necessary. It is a lesson for other government agencies – even though they have the authority to hold an in-person meeting, it does not mean they should exercise the right to do so.”

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