Draymond Green claps back at Cleveland for planning Tristan Thompson parade


Cavs fans are planning a parade to celebrate Tristan Thompson reportedly punching Draymond Green at an ESPYs after-party in Los Angeles last month. 

According to the parade’s event listing on Facebook, more than 4,000 people have already signed up to attend the Oct. 13 event at Quicken Loans Arena. 

“Parade in Cleveland on October 13th (Tristan’s number) at 3:10 p.m. (For obvious reasons). We would all like to punch Draymond in the face, so we need to celebrate someone who (probably) did! Bring canned goods I guess. Go Cavs,” details on the event read. 

Seems like Draymond is perfectly aware of the parade, and he had the perfect clapback. 

 “They may want to cancel that parade too lol… Nah keep the parade that city won’t have any for a while.. I forgot Bron left.” 


Draymond posted the clapback on his Instagram story, where he further said he didn’t care about the fight stores and instead wanted to tell everyone the “facts are off.”

He adds that his mom is tired of everyone talking about it, too. 



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