Drug use continues to be a problem on BART trains


BART authorities are not just dealing with increased violence at their stations, but drug use continues to be a problem as well.

Shocking video of a man smoking on BART is just the latest in a string of drug-related incidents on trains.

KRON4 has obtained exclusive video of what appears to be a man possibly smoking drugs on BART, a violation of the transit agency’s rules.

This comes just a few weeks after needles were found in several BART trains.

Smoking of any kind on BART is illegal, but one man decided he would do it anyway.

The video shows a man smoking what appears to be some sort of pipe. It’s unclear if he just smoking tobacco or some sort of drug.

Whatever he has, the people around him are clearly bothered. The video was apparently recorded this past Thursday.

On Friday, KRON4 reached out to BART for comment, but they declined to be interviewed for this story.

This incident comes just a few weeks after multiple BART riders told KRON4 they found hypodermic needles on BART.

One woman says she actually sat on a needle and says it pierced her skin.

On Friday afternoon, KRON4 spoke to BART riders in San Bruno who say that for the most part, riding BART is uneventful but bad behavior isn’t unheard of.

“Every once in a while, when I board in the morning, someone will be sleeping here,” BART rider Mitch Paschen said. “Other than that, I don’t see too many bad things going on.”

“Homeless people smoking on the train, even E-cigarettes. That’s not allowed,” BART rider Marica Kopti added. “Fights on the platform and in the train.”

As for the man smoking on the train, on Friday, BART told KRON4 in a brief statement that “riders who witness such behavior should report it to BART police” and that “if a BPD officer sees someone smoking on BART, they will get a citation.”

Now, BART also has an app–it’s the BART Watch app where riders can report inappropriate behavior.

They also suggest calling BART police or notifying the train operator using the intercom on the train.



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