East Bay deli shop owner faces backlash after controversial Facebook post


CLAYTON (KRON) — An East Bay deli shop owner has been receiving backlash this weekend after making a controversial post on Facebook.

It included the term “send her back” and offered free food to any customer who said it. 

The post was written on the owner’s personal Facebook page, but it quickly gained plenty of attention and subsequent backlash.

Some people say the owner of Canesa’s Brooklyn Hero’s has a right to free speech, while many others feel he crossed a line. 

“I think it’s very hurtful and racist to be honest,” Daniel Budford said.

“Everybody is entitled to their opinion,”  Mohamed Hooshmand said. “We’re in America you can say what you want.”

“Meatballs made with beef today incase we offend any of our overly sensitive pork haters!! writes John Canesa on his Facebook page Friday. The post continues, “Free side when you say send her back!”

The deli owner’s post comes just days after President Donald Trump suggested four congresswomen of color “go back to where they came from”

“Send her back” was then chanted at a rally for the president in North Carolina.

“These are ideologies that have come about through someone that professes to be a leader,” Buford said. “But in the same breath and word, they’re doing quite the opposite.”

Canesa’s Brooklyn Hero’s Facebook page now has a stream of new comments.

Some in support — telling visitors not to believe the bad reviews — others are hoping the backlash will be a wake up call for the business.

“The business owner is only hurting himself,” Buford said. “Because now he’s taking away money he could’ve had from other Americans and he’s limiting himself.”

Clayton Mayor, Tiuja Catalano, posted on her Facebook page that she was saddened by Canesa’s post, and while we all have a right to political and religious opinions “when hateful comments are being promoted as part of a local business, they reflect on our community’s reputation.”

“The biggest way you can hurt someone, is to stay away from them,” Hooshmand said.

A no racism rally was planned for this week by the East Bay Human Rights Advocates, however according to their Facebook page it has been postponed after receiving threats. 

As for Canesa’s, they are closed Monday’s but are expected to be open on Tuesday.

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