East Bay pilot program using small speed bumps in hopes of deterring illegal sideshows


Public works officials in Contra Costa County are launching a new pilot program to hopefully deter sideshows.

The idea is to install small speed bumps at a popular sideshow spot to hopefully discourage the illegal activity.

Sideshows are illegal, dangerous, and they are a real headache for law enforcement. In Contra Costa County, officials have identified a popular sideshow spot, and they are going to try out a new way to hopefully stop it.

The intersection of Alhambra Valley Road and Bear Creek Road sits in a very quiet stretch of rural Contra Costa County, but the intersection is covered with tire marks–the tell-tale sign of a sideshow.

The plan is to install about 100 speed bumps about half the size of a large grapefruit along the yellow center line and the other lines in the intersection. The hope is that whoever is spinning circles in their cars will hit these things and decide it’s just not worth the trouble.

If that doesn’t work, the county’s next step will be to put in even bigger bumps–about half the size of a bowling ball. 

Now, public works officials do admit that this could just push the problem to another location, but they are just going to wait and see what happens and go from there.

The entire pilot program will cost about $50,000.

They hope to have the speed bumps installed in the next month or so.



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