PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (KRON) – A story that proves age is just a number. An East Bay woman will be competing this weekend in the World Championships for CrossFit. In an exclusive, KRON4 sat down with her to learn about how she got into fitness and her goals for the competition.

“Definitely want to win, want to take first place, want to get on the podium,” she told KRON4. Yvonne Howard is heading off to Wisconsin with high ambition.

She will be competing at the “Crossfit Games”, a goal that she set for herself at the beginning of 2021. Howard tells KRON4, “I basically had this inner athlete in me ever since I was little and I never got to do anything with it. And now that I have CrossFit, inner athlete is coming out!”

Howard doesn’t have a traditional athletic background and never played sports as a child. And by the way, she is 60-years-old.

She started CrossFit in her 40s after her husband first learned about it. Now she is climbing ropes and lifting weights, next to people half her age.

She explained her fitness regimen to KRON4, “I spend an hour in the morning cooking and some mobility. Then I come to the gym and I’m here one to two hours. I’ll leave, I’ll come back one to two hours and then at night the mobility that I do and sleeping, try to get 8 hours of sleep. It’s impossible.”

To get to the CrossFit games, Howard had to compete in the world-wide CrossFit open. Nearly 2,000 women in her 60-64 age group signed up to compete.

The field was whittled down to just 10 that will advance to the CrossFit games, including howard. She says, “I want to do it for all of our members and everybody here like ‘oh my god, Yvonne is a member at Diablo CrossFit, she does class, she went to the CrossFit Games! I can do that.'”

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Howard owns and manages Diablo CrossFit in Pleasant Hill. She also has an 18-year-old daughter.

She tells me retirement isn’t on her mind–and she plans to continue competing. She says, “I want to compete into my 70s!”

The CrossFit games are this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin ((maybe add dates?))