BURLINGAME, Calif. (KRON) — Egg prices have soared, and some grocery stores are now limiting the number of egg cartons shoppers can buy.

The ongoing bird flu coupled with increasing labor, fuel and feed costs are leading to a shortage of eggs and a surge in egg prices. “Shelves are bare in the store and when you find them, they’re twice or even three times more expensive than they usually are,” said Maja Nelson, Burlingame resident.

Grocery stores like Safeway in Burlingame are limiting shoppers to one carton of eggs. The egg shortage is also affecting restaurants. “In the last week, they’ve gone up $20 a case, and we buy like two to three cases every other day,” said Teresa Lindhartsen, Alana’s Café.

Prices at Alana’s Café in Burlingame have remained the same, but not for long. “In order to keep our doors open, we have to be able to pay our bills and so raising the prices is our only alternative,” said Lindhartsen.

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Egg farmers have been replacing their flocks that were lost to the avian flu meaning a potential easing of egg prices could happen.