SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)– Just before noon Friday, the San Francisco Police Department announced that the investigation into 14 officers accused of sending racist tweets have been completed.

In March 2011, the Federal Bureau of Investigations initiated an investigation into former SFPD Sergeant Ian Furminger.

Those texts showed that Furminger sent and received racially insensitive texts from other officers within the police department.

SFPD Administration was not allowed to be a part of the federal investigation and also prohibited from accessing the information until the end of the trial.

At the end of Furminger’s trial, FBI provided volumes of documents, including the text messages, to the SFPD and the Office of Citizen Complaints.

14 officers became the focus of an exhaustive administrative investigation.

Late Friday morning, Police Chief Greg Suhr determined that each of the 14 officers involved violated Department policy.

Eight of the members who sent racist and homophobic texts were suspended.

Their cases have been forwarded to the Police Commission with the singular recommendation of termination.

Of those eight, one, Officer Michael Robinson, had already resigned.

Two other officers sent text messages that were deemed not as offensive as the other 8.

They have been reassigned to non-public contact positions.

Along with that, their cases have been forwarded to the Police Commission to determine their full punishment.

The remaining four officers were found to have sent texts that violated Department police, but were not hateful in nature.

Those included leaving an assigned area of responsibility and dismissively responding to Mr. Furminger in a manner unbecoming an officer.

These officers were disciplined by Chief Suhr.

The chief is able to suspend officers without pay for up to ten days.

Chief Suhn issued this statement regarding the scandal.

“There is also no place in the SFPD for any officer capable of the thinking expressed in these hateful text messages. The officers responsible for the reprehensible texts should be separated from the SFPD as soon as practical. The fine, right-minded men and women of the SFPD that are of the impeccable character required of a Guardian (police officer) expect no less.”