SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — As California’s drought continues, there is hope that an El Nino, which is forming in the Pacific Ocean could bring badly needed moisture to California this coming winter.

For the past 8 months, water temperatures along the equator in the Pacific Ocean have been above normal, a phenomenon known as an El Nino.

Professor Oswaldo Garcia is a meteorologist at San Francisco State University. He says that a strong El Nino could be good news for California. “During an El Nino year, southern California in particular tends to get a lot more rain that normal all the way up to the Bay Area,” said Garcia.

He’s hopeful that this El Nino won’t fade away over the summer. “The hope is, and it only a hope because we don’t know how this El Nino will evolve but, there are indications that this El Nino will stick around through the end of the year which would bring us into the next rainy season,” Garcia explained.

However, even with an above average rainfall next winter, it may not be enough to end the ongoing drought. But it will help.