Here’s how to get free pizza if you’re waiting in a long voting line

pizza pepperoni cheese whole

Is there a long line at the polling place where you’re patiently awaiting to cast your vote? 

Would pizza make waiting in the line a little more tolerable? 

If you answered yes to both questions — we’ve got a great deal to tell you about. 

Thanks to Pizza to the Polls, you can get free pizza! 

Here’s how it works. 

First you must report the long line at your polling place via

>> Click here to report. 

You must provide evidence that the line is actually long — via Twitter or Instagram. 

Once your report is submitted, a pizza delivery person will be dispatched to your location to pass out free slices to anyone there — poll workers, voters, kiddos, anybody! 

Pizza to the Polls is funded entirely by donations. 

The nonprofit has delivered more than 2,300 pizzas at more than 170 polling places in 31 states. 



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