‘Elmo Shirt Driver’ goes off on People Behaving Badly’s Stanley Roberts


WARNING: The video above contains graphic language

OAKLAND (KRON) — People Behaving Badly’s Stanley Roberts is accustomed to people getting angry at him, but there’s one guy that Stanley will never forget.

The video went viral when it aired back on Oct. 31, 2011.

While filming his People Behaving Badly assignment, Stanley Roberts came across one character who is now only known as the “Elmo Shirt Driver.”

“Elmo Shirt Driver” had been pulled over and was being given a ticket when he noticed Stanley.

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That’s when he went off on Stanley in a profanity-filled tirade.

“This is for People Behaving Badly on channel 4,” Stanley said.

“What about People Overeating on channel 4?,” Elmo shirt guy asked Stanley. “I bet you couldn’t afford it (a traffic ticket) if you got one! All you can afford is food with your fat lazy ***,” the man explains.

Don’t worry Stanley didn’t take it personally. He actually thought it was pretty funny.

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