Erosion concerns in Half Moon Bay after winter storms


Residents in Half Moon Bay area concerned after chunks of concrete fell from a pedestrian bridge. 

A big section of that bluff gave way in 2016 and since then the city has been keeping an eye on it. 

Metal barricades and sandbags were set up to protect Mirada Road from exposure to high tides and storm events. 

John Brennan, a long-time resident, said that after recent winter storms he’s noticed the area near the pederstian bridge has been eroding away. 

“When the big storms come in, it’s two-three feet, and certainly this area right here, we’ve seen it big time,” he said. 

San Mateo County workers put boulders on the beach to break the surf but with back to back storms over the years, high energy waves and coastal conditions have caused the boulders to shift. 

Its left areas along Mirada Road unprotected. 

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