(KRON) – These athletes proved they had what it takes to escape from Alcatraz, and Sunday’s rainy weather didn’t stop them from crossing the finish line.

Bed and sleep are the ultimate reward for Selene Martinez after finishing the iconic Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, “I only want to come to my bed and rest… Seeing the finish line is a completely different sensation, it’s very exciting.”

It’s her first time competing in the race. She says her hard work paid off after finishing the course in two hours and 30 minutes, “I’ve been working like four years ago in this type of sport so I really enjoyed my result.”

It’s not for the faint of heart. This race starts off with a mile and a half swim from Alcatraz Island to the shoreline. Then there’s an 18-mile bike ride through The Presidio and an eight-mile run to the finish line at Marina Green.

Eric Lagerstron was the first person to cross the finish line in two hours and 1 minute, “It’s so special, it’s a race I look forward to every year and I’ve been wanting to win again since 2015. So it’s hard for me to even process right now.”

But this year’s weather conditions were not in the athletes’ favor. Visibility was low out by the bay and the rain continued to come down, but they pushed through.

Professionals like Lagerstron normally finish first. They are followed by hundreds of other, ameteur athletes. There are people of all ages who participate.

And for the first time, the race added an open non-binary category, “I reached out after i got lottery and asked if they were willing do a non-binary category and within two weeks they said absolutely.” Chip Vau, who is transgender and nonbinary, inspired the organizers to include it. Vau is the one of three people who competed in the category. Vau says this acknowledges the athletes who don’t establish themselves as men or women and allow them to compete as their true authentic self.