Escaping Camp Fire smoke in time for Thanksgiving


The smoke at San Francisco International Airport triggered dozens of flight cancellation and hundreds of delays. 

The Thanksgiving travel rush is underway and this weekend is one of the busiest all year.  

KRON4’s Dan Thorn caught up with travelers who said they were happy to get out of the smoke and into fresh air. 

Mike and Maria said they dodged any travel troubles but staying in the smoke was no fun. 

“It was pretty scary to get out there and see all the fog and everybody with masks,” Maria said.

While Mike enjoyed the Bay Area, he was looking forward to getting back to the fresh air Miami has to offer. 

“I like the cool air here, but the fresh air back home is great,” he said. 

The duo wasn’t alone, students from Germany were excited to head back to San Diego. 

Dan said most people he spoke with were pleased with their stay in San Francisco but just a little rough right now on the lungs. There were others who were concerned about their health as they arrived into the Bay for Thanksgiving. 

Airport officials urge travelers to plan ahead and give themselves plenty of time to get to the gate when considering air quality conditions and the holiday. 



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