SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (NEXSTAR) — President Donald Trump’s overall approval rating is low among Californians who also say they don’t believe the federal government has done enough to help the state during the coronavirus pandemic, according to an exclusive poll released Monday. 

The Nexstar/Emerson College poll shows 58.5% disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president while 30.2% said they approve. 11.3% percent said they were neutral or had no opinion.

When asked to rate the federal government’s coronavirus response in California, the majority of respondents, 61%, said they haven’t done enough for the state.

Twenty-eight-point-five percent said the federal government has done enough, and 10.5% said the they’ve helped too much. 

When it comes to Gavin Newsom, 64.7% of respondents said they approve of the job he is doing as governor of California. Only 19.8% disapprove and 15.5% were neutral or had no opinion. 

The governor’s approval rating stretches across aisles with 44% of Republican respondents saying they approve of Newsom’s work while 39% say they don’t.

The survey of 800 people included 409 women and 391 men. According to the poll, 47.5% of respondents are white, 31.4% are Hispanic or Latino, 12% are of Asian descent, 6.1% are black and 3% identified as “other.”

Forty-seven-point-seven percent said they were registered as Democrat, 22.8% said they Republican, and 29.8% said they were Independent or other. 

A majority of respondents (59.2%) said they would vote for Joe Biden if the election was today while 29% said they would vote for Donald Trump. 11.8% said they were still undecided. 

Respondents were nearly split on who they think will win the election regardless of who they vote for. 

The poll showed 53.5% of respondents think Joe Biden will win while 46.5% said Donald Trump will be re-elected. 

When it comes to what matters most to voters, the economy and ‘someone who can beat Trump’ were nearly tied at the top. 

Immigration was the least important issue for voters with only 4.1% of respondents.

See the raw data from the poll in the documents below:

The Nexstar Media/Emerson College poll was conducted across California from May 8-9 and has a margin of error of +/- 3.4%.

The same poll was also conducted in Ohio and Texas.

According to the Ohio Nexstar/Emerson poll results, Ohioans overwhelmingly approve of Gov. DeWine’s  leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, but are split on President Trump. If the presidential election was held today, a slim majority of Ohioans polled said they would cast their vote for Trump.

The poll in Texas revealed Texans are reserved about returning to life as normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as businesses begin to reopen across the state. It also showed Gov. Greg Abbott’s approval rating is higher than President Trump’s in Texas and that Texans are more enthusiastic about President Trump than Joe Biden.