Expedited removal of undocumented immigrants eliminates right to see judge


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Federal immigration officials confirmed Tuesday the latest round of ICE raids led to just 35 arrests across the nation.

Some say that’s a far cry from the show of force the president had been touting, but immigration officials say the roundups are ongoing. 

The Trump Administration is now putting deportations on the fast-track.

It’s called expedited removal and it allows ICE to deport someone without bringing them before a judge.

“All of those folks who used to have a right to see a judge before being removed from the U.S. will be subject to expedited procedures where a DHS officer can find they are removable and send them out of the U.S. unless they express a fear of return,” said immigration attorney Kathleen Kavanagh.

It’s a law that has been on the books since the Clinton Administration but up until now it had only been applied to those caught within 100 miles of a border and couldn’t prove they had been in the U.S. for at least 2 weeks.

“This is an expansion of that to folks caught anywhere in the U.S. who can affirmative prove they have been in the country for over 2 years,” she said.

The Trump Administration says expedited removal will strengthen national security, diminish the number of illegal entries and otherwise ensure the prompt removal of aliens apprehended in the United States.  

Immigration attorneys says removing an immigration judge from the deportation process put those arrested at an extreme disadvantage

“Immigration judges have a responsibility if someone doesn’t have an attorney to provide legal guidance and let them know if eligible to stay in the U.S. and fight their case. So that [opportunity] to see judge is an [opportunity] to get some legal council and also provides time to consult an attorney.”

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