Experts say wireless mice or keyboards could be vulnerable to “MouseJack” security threat


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — KRON has a warning for those who use computers, and that is just about all of us.

Security experts said wireless mice or keyboards could be vulnerable to the MouseJack security threat.

KRON’s Gabe Slate goes in-depth on Friday night to warn us all about MouseJack.

In this security threat, a smartphone could take control of a laptop remotely.

The hacker with the phone can even send a text message to the computer.

The hack software is running on a smartphone.

The antenna attached sniffs out the wireless bridge between the dongle and the wireless mouse.

The hacker then finds a flaw, an electronic hole, a way in to take over the dongle–and from there, take over the computer.

That means someone else can pretend to be you through your computer–send out emails, post to social media, anything you can do on your computer they could do.

Bad guys could even delete files on your machine, and install malware that could steal your pictures, documents, and personal information. That is everything they need to steal your identity.

KRON talked to several of manufacturers of these wireless mice and keyboards, like Logitech.

They said they were aware of the findings, and that they have released firmware updates that people can download to patch the security hole created by the dongles.WEB LINKS:

List of mice and keyboards vulnerable to this attack and firmware updates:

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