(KRON/CNN) — A Wisconsin child is recovering from second-degree burns after he was hurt at a playground.

The nine-year-old’s mother says a slide “exploded.”

“It was so confusing,” said Diana Storniolo, the victim’s mother.

Giuseppe Storniolo was at reservoir park in Wednesday evening with his younger brother, sister and his parents when something went terribly wrong on the playground.

“I just heard like a big explosion so i thought maybe something fell,” Diana said.

She says her 9-year-old suffered second degree burns.

Somehow a hole formed near the bottom of the slide as the boy was coming down.

“We had been in touch this morning with the manufacturer, with the designer, the installer, none of them had never seen anything like this before,” said the mayor of the Wisconsin town.

“It was like the slide had just almost been inflated it just opened up, bubbled.”

The victim’s mom says she’s left waiting for answers.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: