SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Families of deadly police shooting victims in San Francisco claim that District Attorney Brook Jenkins is delaying prosecuting the cops for political reasons. Those families and their supporters held a press conference Thursday outside the DA’s office. 

“I want her to put back on the calendar that was already scheduled to move my nephew’s case forward,” said April Green, the aunt of Keita O’Neil.

“I want the case to go on as it would have gone on. No matter what the outcome is,” said Cleo Moore, mother of Sean Moore.

“I want justice for the murder of Luis Gongora Pat,” said Jose Gongora, brother of Luis Gongora Pat.

Three families of loved ones killed in three separate shootings by San Francisco police officers were outside the DA’s office demanding that DA Jenkins move forward with criminal prosecutions in each case.

San Francisco police body cam video shows the moment O’neil was shot. According to then District Attorney Chesa Boudin, O’neil was unarmed at the time. The officer who fired his gun would be the first in the history of the San Francisco Police Department to be charged in connection to a deadly shooting.

“In San Francisco, there has been a long history leading to no accountability whatsoever,” said Boudin.

However, now there is concern about police accountability among these family members because they say interim DA Brooke Jenkins appears to be delaying each of the cases against the officers from going forward.

“DA Jenkins took office. our meeting that we had in office was canceled,” said Andriana Camarena a Pat family spokesperon.

“When she took office, she fired every person that was on the case for my son,” said Cleo Moore.

“I am really worried that if Jenkins wins this election that officer is going to walk away,” said Green.

“Whether or not Brooke Jenkins is the next DA of San Francisco, it is our responsibility to put pressure on this system, that allows for these prosecutions to happen,” said William Fitzgerald of the Anti Police Terror Project.

KRON4 reached out to the district attorney’s office to give Brooke Jenkins an opportunity to respond to claims that she is delaying prosecuting officers involved deadly shootings.

Her spokesperson said that the DA is in contact with each of the families and will continue to keep them apprised of developments in each case, and that the DA can comment no further due to the sensitive nature of the investigations.