FREMONT (KRON) — Nearly one month since the massive brawl at a wedding in Fremont, one of the people hurt remains in the hospital.

And family members are upset at police, who they say have not done enough to make arrests. So, family members protested outside City Hall on Tuesday.

They feel this case is a priority and came to Tuesday night’s city council meeting to ask for help.

“As my guests were leaving out, they attacked my guests from the outside, in the parking lot,” the bride said.

The bride, whose wedding was crashed by a group of unruly people, explained to the city council that her loved one remains in the hospital and that the family is searching for answers.

Nearly six dozen people were seen fighting outside Royal Palace Banquet Hall last month.

Twenty-three-year-old Amritpal Singh, the only person arrested and charged, had a court appearance Tuesday. But the Gill family believes there should be even more arrests.

“This wasn’t a regular drunken fight or fist fight,” the victim’s brother Manjit Gill said. “These people had their brass knuckles and metal objects, so they intend to create that fight. All those family members that were there (were) like my age, 50 and above, and tried to stop the fight, but instead, they got beaten up and (sent) to the hospital,” she said.

Feeling a lack of effort from police, members of the community gathered in front of city hall in a silent protest before making their voices heard to the city council.

“They should be held accountable,” Gill said.

Daljit Gill remains in a coma, with a brain injury. Loved ones say this is a very difficult time for his wife and two children.

There’s someone at Daljit’s bedside 24/7.

“It’s difficult for them to imagine the turn of events,” the victim’s cousin Happy Gill said. “It’s more drastic than a kid can actually handle.”

“They’re good people. They’re a tight-knit family. They’re good hard working people,” neighbor Jo Duncan said.

This is still an active investigation.

Police say more arrests could be pending.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: