(KRON) – A Newark, CA boy who is battling a rare form of cancer gets to visit the most magical place on earth, Disney World.

This trip is a long way away from the hospital for five-year-old Jammer Everson. Just before his third birthday, his parents Samantha and Bradley Everson noticed their normally active son did not want to walk or eat.

At the advice of their doctor, they took him straight to the hospital where they found out Jammer had cancer. “He had over 100 tumors in his brain and in his spine,” said Samantha Everson.

Doctors found a very rare brain cancer in Jammer and during the height of the pandemic he started chemotherapy, which nearly crushed them. “Treatments are not for kids, which makes it that much more intense, yeah,” said Bradley Everson.

Jammer is non-verbal, but his parents noticed Disney shows made him happy during his hospital stays. His family has started a campaign, One at a Time, a non-profit with a mission to make sure no sick child feels alone.

They are raising money to take a family trip to Disney World to bring some joy back into their lives. “We want to make those memories we have the opportunity we want to see him smile. It has been a rough two years,” said Samantha Everson.

Jammer’s cancer has no cure, but happiness could sure help. For more information, or to support Jammers’ dream trip to Disney World, visit: JAMESON EVERSON — CAMPAIGN OAAT