OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The family of an Oakland man is speaking out after he was shot to death outside a cabin community for unhoused people Thursday.

Barry Murphy, 37, was working as a security guard when he was gunned down by an unknown shooter near Oakland’s turf shed community cabins near 3400 Mandela Parkway.

“I think it’s sad that my brother could evade all the trouble from Oakland that you can have, growing up here in the early 2000’s, being a teenager, and something like this happens while he is at work,” Murphy’s sister Dontashia Brooks said. 

Brooks said that her older brother was very important to her.

“I just want the world to know that he was a good person. He was a family man. He loved his family a lot. He was very important to the friends in his life,” she said. “He was definitely my big brother. He is 12-years older than me. He taught me how to fight. We used to play WWE in the house. We didn’t always get along, but he was my big brother.”

The shooting happened in Oakland City Councilmember Carroll Fife’s district. Fife expressed the importance of gun control to limit incidents like this one in the future.

“To lose your life in this way is particularly heartbreaking,” she said. “We need to get a hold of how we monitor and manage the proliferation of firearms, not only in Oakland but across this country.”

Brooks said this has been an overwhelmingly emotional moment for her mother and her family. She asked to share the following message:

“It is more than just a story,” she said. “This is someone’s life. People are affected by this. Sometimes people lack a certain level of compassion that they should have.”

Oakland Police investigators asked anyone with information about the shooting to give them a call at (510) 777-3333.