FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KRON) — Five of the many people evacuated from Wuhan, China who were being quarantined at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield are showing symptoms of the coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Of the five people, no cases of the virus have been confirmed. The five were all on different planes.

Officials said all five had fevers and were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. Symptomatic travelers are in isolation at area hospitals.

The group has not been diagnosed with the new coronavirus, but were displaying symptoms according to Dr. Henry Walke from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

“It’s concerning. We CDC are all in,” Walke said. “It’s all hands on deck approach to try to contain this outbreak so it doesn’t spread throughout the United States.”

We’re told one of the patients are doing well. We expect to learn more about the other four patients conditions in the next couple of days.

“They will stay in isolation until we can determine that they do not have this novel coronavirus or if we can identify if they have a different disease,” Walke said.

At this point of time, Travis Air Force Base is not expecting other passengers from Wuhan, China.

On Friday, hundreds more people were evacuated from the virus zone in China and began to arrive at military bases across the U.S. to begin a two-week quarantine.

Some cities include San Antonio, Omaha, San Diego and Fairfield where the Travis Air Force Base is located.

U.S. officials said at a news conference in Washington on Friday that more than 800 people have been brought to the United States from Wuhan on recent flights, the Associated Press reports. All evacuees are being quarantined for 14 days and monitored for any signs of illness.

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