SUNRISE, Fla. (KRON) — Furious after hearing his girlfriend call out her ex-husband’s name during sex, Fidel Lopez turned into a “monster” and ripped out her intestines with his hands, according to police.

The 24-year-old Florida man called 911 early Sunday to say his girlfriend was having trouble breathing then later admitted to detectives he killed her.

Responding officers found Lopez crying in the bathroom next to 31-year-old Maria Nemeth’s naked body on the floor of the bathroom with blood and body tissue around the apartment the couple shared.

Police say Lopez initially told investigators that the couple had been having sex when Nemeth went into the bathroom, vomited and collapsed.

Citing a Sunrise police arrest report, The SunSentinel reported that during a initial questioning, Lopez told investigators that he and his girlfriend had been having rough sex and that she went into the bathroom, vomited and collapsed.WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

But after further questioning, Lopez told detectives he became a “monster” when Nemeth said her ex-husband’s name twice while having sex, and attacked then disemboweled her.

He inserted various objects into her vagina and anus, finally inserting his arm “up to the elbow” and pulling out intestinal matter, according to the report.

He later carried her body into the bathroom and splashed water on Nemeth’s face, but she did not wake up.

Lopez has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder.