(KRON) — Oakley police officers and paramedics had to use five doses of Narcan, a life saving opioid overdose-revering treatment, to revive a woman who overdosed on fentanyl inside a vehicle Wednesday.

A concerned witness had called 911 reporting that the woman and her male companion were both passed out in a vehicle parked at Big Break Marina. “The person who reported the incident said pills were scattered around in the vehicle,” the Oakley Police Department wrote.

Police said officers found the 60-year-old woman unresponsive with pills in her lap.

Officers were able to revive the 61-year-old man, but the woman had no pulse and was not breathing, according to OPD.

“Our officers administered one dose of Narcan to the female with no noticeable signs of improvement. Our officers administered two more doses of Narcan to the female, and she began to breathe, and her pulse returned; she did not regain any degree of consciousness,” OPD wrote.

Paramedics carried the woman into an ambulance and gave her two more doses of Narcan. Both overdose victims were treated at a hospital and are expected to survive.

Police Chief Paul Beard said, “I firmly believe at least one life was saved due to the administration of Narcan. This particular case involved fentanyl. I do hope the people involved in this incident make better choices in the balance of the life they still get to have.”