Former A’s manager Tony La Russa reflects on Loma Prieta Earthquake


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — You won’t find many people in the Bay Area who don’t remember the 1989 World Series. 

It was the Battle of Bay that later became known as the Earthquake Series and it forever changed sports in the Bay Area.

It was just minutes before the first pitch of the 1989 World Series when an earthquake rocked the area.

It was day then-Athletics Manager Tony La Russa will always remember.

“Never forget October 17th where it’s not a real strong memory. In fact a lot of our teammates communicate today,” La Russa said.

The Athletics and Giants game was delayed 10 days because of the quake.

Oakland eventually won the World Series in four straight, but it was victory without champagne or a parade.

La Russa says he was glad to win but he’s even happier to see the Bay Area bounced back even stronger.

“It’s 30 years later and it’s surviving and thriving and everything’s good,” he said. 

For fans watching the World Series turn into disaster coverage, it was shocking.

“Very weird, surrealist scene, but I think everybody who lived through it, it’s kind of a defining moment. They can remember it very well and they remember exactly where they were when it hit,” said Chris Gallo.

Gallo was not watching the World Series but felt the quake shake at his dorm at Santa Clara University.

“We ran out into the street, which was probably not the right thing to do, but we looked down the street and we see the street doing the wave basically the street was doing the wave,” he said.

Gallo says he’s grateful he didn’t experience the hardship so many others suffered that day and the days to come.

But he refuses to live in fear of the next big earthquake.

“I’m not afraid of earthquakes,” Gallo said. “I’ve lived here for 30 years so I’m comfortable with it, not afraid.” 

A historic level earthquake has not hit a Bay Area baseball game since.

But in July the Dodgers and Padres in Southern California experienced shaking from the Ridgecrest earthquake in.

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