SACRAMENTO (KRON) — After a four month investigation, the Sacramento Kings and NBA announced Friday that former Golden State Warriors coach Luke Walton is cleared of the improper conduct allegations made by Kelli Tennant.

In a press release, the Kings organization said the investigation concluded because there wasn’t enough evidence to support the allegations made against Walton.

Tennant declined to participate in the investigation, according to the statement.

On April 22, Tennant filed a civil lawsuit against Walton and the following day held a press conference where she described the sexual assault, verbal and physical harassment and unwanted physical contact over the course of three years.

Two days later, the Kings and NBA began an investigation.

More than 20 individuals were interviewed during the investigation, including Walton.

In addition, several documents and relevant materials were reviewed as a part of the investigation.

Investigators repeatedly attempted to work with Tennant, but she refused to participate.

As of now, the investigation is considered closed unless new evidence becomes available.

Walton was a part of the Warriors organization from 2014-2016.

He became assistant coach during the 2014-15 season when the Warriors won the 2015 NBA Finals over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The following season, Walton stepped up as head coach while Steve Kerr recovered from a back injury.

Walton moved to SoCal and became head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers from 2016-2019 before being hired by the Kings in April.