FREMONT(KRON)—The city of Fremont has been plagued with commuters driving through regional areas from the Interstate-680 corridor because of navigational apps.

Drivers are being directed to Fremont surface to avoid traffic along the freeway.

Residents and local businesses have filed complaints about the traffic hindering parents from picking up their children from school. The traffic has even prevented residents from leaving their driveways.

Last year, a 5-year-old was killed by a commuter.

The city of Fremont is trying to fix the problem by modifying traffic signals to give more time to cross-street traffic, adding stop signs and even reducing the speed limit in some of the problem areas. Caltrans has also recently added or activated more metering lights at on-ramps at multiple locations, including Auto Mall Parkway and Washington Blvd.

Fremont’s Department of Public Works has added turn restrictions to many locations.

Police officers are still finding drivers making illegal turns and they often blame their navigation apps.

Public Works has taken a unique approach to educating drivers of these turn restrictions by adding dynamic streets signs that state “Don’t Trust Your Apps … No Left Turn”.

The Fremont Police Department’s emphasis is currently education over writing tickets, and the dynamic street signs are meant to accelerate the education process.

Public Works has reached out to the app makers to address this problem as well.