Fremont police bust huge electronics crime ring


FREMONT (KRON) — A major electronics fencing operation is uncovered and broken up by Fremont police.

Items seized by investigators included iPhones and millions of dollars worth of other electronics. 

The seven-month operation centered on Torspin Wireless in Hayward. 

Investigators learned the store was the largest electronics fence for stolen property in the Bay Area. 

The investigators also learned the business was working with another wireless store in Southern California.

“I’m curious to know if it’s a chain of stores and how far this goes,” Michael Classen said. “Are there other wireless stores also selling stolen phones in the East Bay?” 

Michael Classen frequents the plaza where Torspin Wireless has its storefront. 

The entrance was boarded up Friday evening.

Classen says he never noticed any shady dealings at the store but says he never leaves any electronics in his car.

“What I’ve heard about this parking lot is it tends to get break ins sometimes and a lot of smash and grabs with the cars,” Classen said. “So part of me wonders is there like a connection with any of these smash and grabs to this store.”

Police say most of the stolen phones were shipped to people in other countries such as China, Russia, Iran, Dubai, Vietnam Mexico and others.

On Oct. 25, the investigation was busted wide open when police arrested eight men. 

They found $350 thousand in cash, 1,800 iPhones and computers and four guns. 

Police hope this operation will help lower the amount of electronics thefts throughout the region.

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