FREMONT (KRON) — Police in Fremont are warning residents of a jewelry theft scam that’s claimed at least 10 victims since the start of the year.

It’s taken some time for police to tie the cases together, but investigators believe a family may be responsible.

A black BMW may be tied to at least one of the 10 roadside jewelry thefts since January in Fremont.

Police say a man and woman are always involved and at least twice, two young kids were seen in the back of their car.

“The ages ranged anywhere from five to nine. So, we think it’s a family,” said Geneva Bosques, spokesperson with Fremont police.

The first two thefts were documented in January.

Bosques says it wasn’t until June and then in September that more similar crimes were reported and police tied them together.

The most recent case happened last week on McDuff Avenue and then against near Sylvester Harvey Park.

Bosques says the suspect drives alongside victims walking down the street and a passenger gets out of the car and tells the victim a story.

“The passenger gets out, walks up to the community member, and tells them some story such as, it was my grandfather’s birthday and it’s custom to giveaway jewelry, and I’d like to give this to you,” Bosques said. “They hand them a ring, they put necklaces physically on them and in doing so, they remove jewelry of value from the victim, usually without the victim even realizing this has happened.”

Ten gold necklaces have been stolen so far along with a ring and bracelet.

The jewelry the suspects pass on to the victims has all been fake.

“It’s really unfortunate,” Bosques said.

Police are not suggesting you leave your jewelry at home, but until the thieves are caught, you’re better served covering it up.