(KRON) — A French bulldog that was snatched from its owner in a Target parking lot in San Jose has been recovered. KRON4 spoke to the dog’s owner who said she was able to recover the 9-week-old Frenchie, which is named “Dolce,” on Tuesday.

The dog’s owner, Quinnesha Powell, earlier told KRON4 that she was heartbroken and “shocked” after her dog was snatched from her car at around 7:00 a.m. on Saturday. Powell told KRON she was just finishing her shopping when a dark blue Nissan Altima pulled up next to her.

“I see him get out of the car and I asked him ‘hey what are you doing,’” Powell said. “He opens my passenger door, reaches over, takes my dog, and I see it, so I immediately jump into their car because the door is still opened and as I jump into their car he’s hitting me and they’re driving off.”

Powell told KRON she suffered scrapes and bruises after being dragged by the suspect’s car. She flagged down a police officer and filed a report.

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Thankfully, Dolce is home safe now and Powell is grateful for the dog’s return. Although she says she hopes this does not happen again.

French bulldogs are often targeted by thieves. In a high-profile incident last year, Lady Gaga’s dogwalker was shot while trying to defend the singer’s French bulldogs from dog nappers while out walking them in Hollywood. Like Dolce, Gaga’s dogs were later safely recovered.