(KRON) — Frankie the French bulldog puppy who was snatched from his owner in a Fremont 7-Eleven parking lot earlier this month, has been reunited with his owner, according to a tweet from the Fremont Police Department.

“Fremont PD located Frankie this morning,” the tweet read. “We are so thankful Frankie is safe & are teary eyed as we witness the reunion between Frankie & his owner.”

Frankie was taken at the 7-Eleven near Fremont Boulevard and Sundale Drive at 5:30 a.m. on August 3. He was stolen while his owner was putting something into his vehicle. His owner offered a $700 reward to anyone who returned Frankie, although it is not known if that was a factor in the dog being found.

Frankie is a 3-month old “gold” French bulldog. He had no collar at the time he was taken. French bulldogs are a frequent target of theft. In one high-profile incident last year, Lady Gaga’s dogwalker was shot while trying to protect the popstar’s Frenchies from being stolen.