PLYMOUTH, Calif. (KRON) — The family of Alexis Gabe gathered together on Saturday at the site where her remains were found earlier this month, and they say they are still seeking justice.

Video from the gathering shows a memorial at the site with a photo of Gabe and flowers all around. Gabe’s family members and loved ones held each other as they stood quietly nearby.

The Gabe family has had a long journey; they, along with loved ones, community members and complete strangers spent countless hours in the woods of Plymouth this year searching for any sign of Gabe. Finally, on Nov. 3 a Plymouth resident reported that they had found what they believed to be human remains. They were later determined to belong to Gabe.

Alexis Gabe missing
Alexis Gabe

Since that time, it was determined that the remains found in Plymouth were only partial, and law enforcement believes that the rest could be scattered over several areas. Because of the condition they were found in, there is little hope that the entirety of her remains will ever be recovered.

As for what happens next, Gabe’s family is hopeful that the discovery of her remains will help build a case against Alicia Coleman-Clark, the mother of Marshall Curtis Jones, the man accused of killing Gabe in January.

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According to the police timeline, Alexis was killed on the night of Jan. 26. Only two days later on Jan. 28, police say Jones drove to his mother’s house and placed “several large, heavy garbage bags” on her property. He then bought a new phone with his mother. Surveillance cameras at Coleman-Clark’s house show Jones loading the bags back into his car while his mother hosted a karaoke party inside.

We’re working on getting another appointment with the DA. Hundreds of our followers are emailing DA Diana Becton to fulfill her promise to our family. They said 3 months ago that if we find our daughter’s remains then this will help our case against Alicia Coleman-Clark (mother of Marshall Jones).

Gwyn Gabe

The Gabe family has established a petition on asking the District Attorney Diana Becton to pursue charges against Coleman-Clark as an accessory, and it currently has nearly 12,000 signatures. Community members from the Help Find Alexis Gabe Facebook page have also been calling and emailing the DA’s office to request a closer examination of Coleman-Clark’s potential involvement in Gabe’s murder.

(Photo courtesy of Gabe family)

Though Coleman-Clark was initially arrested by Oakley police in May, she was released shortly after, and DA Becton did not file charges against her. Her son, Jones, was later shot and killed in Kent, Washington by law enforcement officers who were attempting to arrest him on murder charges in June.