Gary’s Word: Adam Jones and the fans of Boston


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The City of Boston stung again with a racism problem connected to sports.

When a few Fenway Park so-called fans hurled racial insults at Baltimore’s Adam Jones, it made me think about how social media has spawned a generation of tough guys.

I have never understood adult people sitting in the stands screaming obscenity at athletes.

At age 15, playing basketball, I used to wonder why a parent would make nasty comments about me while sitting on his rear end drinking a beer.

Which brings me to social media–do you know anyone who enjoys his job, is happy in a relationship, and has a few good friends who spends their time insulting people on Twitter or Facebook?

I would love to review the social media accounts of these poor souls who used the N-word at Fenway.

Racists are racists, but it’s a little easier to attack someone when you know they physically can’t get to you.

When it comes to sports, broadcasting, or any other public jobs, those who can’t…tweet.

You give a coward an extra tool, and before you know it, he takes his perceived power to a sports stadium.

Sports is entertainment, not a vehicle for hate.

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