SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The San Francisco Giants celebrated their 500th consecutive sellout on Thursday.

Giants have been a Bay Area fixture since arriving from New York in 1958. Their popularity hit the jackpot when AT&T Park opened in the year 2000.

I can remember saying, “How are they going to go from 8,000 fans on a Monday night against Montreal at Candlestick Park to 40,000 at the new Pac Bell?”

Their popularity hit the jackpot when the park opened in the year 2000.

Boy, was I wrong!

That park has transformed the entire China Basin area into a happening spot. Honestly speaking, the Oakland A’s have been left at the end of the line ever since.

The Raiders would not be leaving for Las Vegas with a new stadium. The A’s would be much stronger with a new stadium.

Sports are entertainment. Sports are image.

And Thursday’s National League record 500th straight sellout is proof that the Giants knew exactly what they were doing when they privately financed their own stadium 17 years ago.

The Giants lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers Thursday 5-1 in extra innings.

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