Gary’s Word: Love of a Father


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Every day is pretty much Father’s Day for me.

Not a day goes by without me appreciating what my Dad did for me.

Growing up, I can honestly say he never missed one of my youth or high school games.

When he couldn’t attend a college game, he and my mother would drive to the top of Santa Cruz mountain to pick up the broadcasts on 50,000-watt radio.

If he missed a TV or radio program, you could count on him catching up via VCR.

To this day, I live by his individual wisdom.

Let me share a few examples…always, always do what you feel is right. In the end, your gut is more important than what you might read in a book.

Only take advice from successful people. Most folks will do or say whatever it takes to hold on to their jobs. A successful person is usually confident in his abilities and has time to creatively help you.

Never take money for doing someone a favor. Bottom line should be the goodness of your heart.

Always walk in like you own the place. People do not want to be around hesitant individuals.

When trouble occurs only, only trust your family.

My father always worked for himself, so we were lucky. He was home every night for dinner.

I honestly never remember a weekend where his kids were not the focal point.

Since his passing in 2003, I have missed his guidance on a daily basis.


I’m trying my best to live up to what he achieved.

Trust me–it’s not easy.

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