(KRON) — Pain at the pump is not quite as painful as it used to be as gas prices are falling across the globe. You might have noticed that for the first time in weeks, many Bay Area gas stations are selling gas for less than $6 a gallon.

Falling oil prices and less demand for gas are some of the factors behind the drop in gas prices. In the Bay Area, here are some of the prices this morning:

  • $6.03 in Napa
  • $5.89 in San Francisco
  • $5.84 in San Jose
  • $6.08 in Oakland.

The national average for a gallon of gas is $5.02.

“Funny because I was telling a coworker how gas prices is like us giving our stimulus money back,” said driver Calvin Cummins. “We all laughed. But yes, gas prices are just ridiculous.”

“Single income family, so every little it helps, so I am still spending close to $100 a week,” said motorist Pedro Molina.

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Energy experts say the drop in gas prices is not going to last forever. They believe this is just a price break, but of course there is always a chance we will see prices explode again in the near future.