MARIN, Calif. (KRON) – Protesters took to the streets of Marin City to peacefully protest police brutality on Tuesday afternoon.

“We are here because of what happened to George Floyd and all the other black lives that were taken at the hands of the police. We want to end police brutality and we want to be heard,” Shamika Green said. 

Voices of all ages wanted to be heard.

“This is my niece, and this is my daughter and we’re very passionate about what happened and I thought it was very important for them to come out and voice their opinion,” Green said. 

Some of the imagery across the Bay Area has shown looting and destruction, but this protest had none of that.

“It’s good people saying enough is enough and we are doing it in a peaceful way and we are not going to be silenced anymore. And I am not going to be afraid to show up by other images I see in the media of danger and looting. I know it is happening but it is not happening here,” Lisa Walker said. 

Marin community leaders and officials also came out to the protest.

“We had a zoom meeting with the board of supervisors today; and they are 110% committed to changing race relations,” Bobby Moske said. 

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