San Francisco curfew in place to help decrease violence, looting

George Floyd Protests

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – On Monday afternoon, much of Union Square and nearby Market Street was boarded up,  though there were still a few stores that were getting protection in place.  

Barricades blocked off some streets leading into the square, and multiple teams of heavily armed law enforcement officers were scattered across the area.

“If people want to express themselves, we welcome you to San Francisco but we need you to do it peacefully,” Bill Scott said. 

At an online news conference Monday morning, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said his department will not tolerate the type of violence, vandalism and looting the city saw Saturday as peaceful protests turned criminal.  

“We were overwhelmed,” Scott said. 

He said thanks to the mayor’s curfew and 208 additional officers from across the state, Sunday night was much better, but by no means crime free. In all, 87 people were arrested for violating the curfew.

“We recovered loaded firearms, a backpack of fireworks and explosives and recovered other items there for sole purpose to use as weapons and destroy property,” Scott said. 

Chief Scott says those additional officers are still in place as is the curfew and he encouraged people to pay attention to it.

“We need the public to stay inside and abide by curfew order so the mayor can lift curfew in the city and businesses can enjoy their livelihood without having to board up their windows and that won’t happen until we have order in our city,” Scott said. 

Chief Scott also said he shares protesters’ frustration and anger over the death of  George Floyd. 

He says law enforcement has a lot of work to do in terms of reform. He says he is committed to change.

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