Ghost Ship Trial: Day 7 of deliberations, no verdict


OAKLAND (KRON) – The jury in the Ghost Ship Trial is now in its 7th day of deliberations and no verdict.

However, the jury did make, what the defense considers a significant request. 

It was a request for reading back testimony from two prosecution witnesses and reading back three days of testimony from one defense witness co-defendant Derick Almena

“Specifically they asked for all of Mr. Almena’s testimony,” Curtis Briggs said.

Max Harris’ defense attorney Curtis Briggs talks about the significance of this request at this phase of deliberations.

“Obviously for them to be deliberating over a week and asking for this much testimony to be read back shows that they are being extremely aggressive, given the fact that Mr. Harris and Mr. Almena face 39-years in prison,” Briggs said.

Briggs takes solace in the fact that the jury’s request did not involve his client.

“It looks like they’re focusing on Derick and the inception of the lease which again is something that happened at least a year before Max Harris ever arrived in California or moved into the Ghost Ship,” Briggs said. 

The day started with this prediction from the Almena defense team.

“It really would not surprise if this is the day that we get a note for reading back of testimony from the jury. If I were a juror in this case I would want another look at that. Because they’re thinking back and they’re remembering did I see the light of truth in his eyes when he testified,” Brian Getz, Derick Almena’s defense attorney, said.

The jury also requested reading back the testimony of Nico Bouchard and Ryan O’Keefe.

“Nico Bouchard was the other person who founded the warehouse with Mr. Almena who we felt should be held responsible as well. Ryan O’Keefe is a person who worked the door that night and stamped people’s hands,” Briggs said.

The court reporter has the responsibility of reading the testimony transcripts to the jurors. 

That got started on Tuesday afternoon and is expected to take up all of Wednesday’s deliberations.

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