Ghost Ship Trial: Oakland firefighter testifies to warehouse condition


It was the second and last day of testimony for Derick Almena’s wife on the witness stand at the Ghost Ship trial in Oakland. 

However it was the testimony of an Oakland firefighter that has defense attorneys most excited

Oakland Firefighter Daniel Keenan, a hazardous materials expert from fire station number 3, testified that his daughter was once a resident at the Ghost Ship and back in December 2013, he actually helped his daughter move out of the warehouse.

“He said he walked in, saw that other people were living there. He knew his daughter was living there. He saw the ambience of the first floor. He’s a fire person. He knows what the law is,” said Tony Serra, attorney for defendant Derick Almena. “He knows whether or not a fire violation occurred. In essence he said it was okay.”

Max Harris’ attorney Curtis Briggs says Keenan’s testimony is another example of a firefighter in an off-duty capacity seeing the Ghost Ship Warehouse’s condition and not seeing any problems with it. 

“Now we have two firefighters from Oakland in off duty capacity, going to the warehouse not seeing any problem with it,” he said. “Being aware of living conditions, being aware of parties being hosted there and that all points to Max Harris innocence for sure.”

The trial is in recess until July 8.

Defense attorneys for Almena say they intend to call three more witnesses — two Oakland police officers and one civilian before Almena takes the stand in his own defense.

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