OAKLAND (KRON) — After five days of deliberating, the second jury in the Ghost Ship Trial sent their first note to the court Wednesday. 

It was a request for a read back of direct and cross examination testimony of a prosecution witness Oakland Fire Captain George Freelen. 

The jury is seeking specific sections of his testimony surrounding the september 2014 couch fire arson episode outside the Ghost Ship

“We believe that read back favors the defense and not prosecution,” said Tony Serra, attorney for defendant Derrick Almena.  “So in a sense we are elated over the communication.”

The jury’s request covered at least two dozen pages of testimony. 

Judge Trina Thompson gave both the prosecution and the defense 45 minutes to review for any potential arguments

The jury’s note is happening with a backdrop of there being only one alternate juror left, after three alternates were called up following alleged misconduct by three jurors who had to be replaced

“There is one alternate juror left. If that juror were to replace and existing juror and we were to lose one more juror, of course it would be an eleven member panel which is a mistrial,” said Brian Getz, another attorney for Almena.