SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Fans of the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics rank in the top 5 of the biggest spending fans in Major League Baseball, a new survey said. A’s and Giants fans rank one and two respectively, when it comes to which fans spend the most on concessions, and four and five when it comes to spending on merchandise, according to the survey from

A’s fans on average will shell out $133.86 on in-stadium food and drink, while Giants fans will spend $109.73, putting both sets of fans well above the league average of $74.40 per game. Rounding out the top 5 in concession spending are: Los Angeles Angels fans at $106.81; Texas Rangers fans at $98.61; and Los Angeles Dodgers fans at $98.07.

When it comes to merchandise, A’s fans average $268.85 and Giants fans average $258.29, both well above the league average of $168.74. Although that does puts Bay Area fans substantially below fans of the league leaders in terms of merchandise spending: the Atlanta Braves at $453.26; the second-place Washington Nationals at $338.06; and the third-place LA Dodgers at $305.35.

At the other end of the spectrum, Detroit Tigers fans spend the least on-average on in-stadium food and drink at $52.24, while Houston Astros fans spend the least on merch at $102.39.

A’s fans also notably top the list when it comes to money spent on in-stadium alcohol at $57.81 with Tigers fans again ranking at the bottom at $15.00.

Among the survey’s other key findings:

  • The majority of MLB fans (62.5%) primarily blame the owners for the lockout — just 4.5% primarily blame the players
  • 43% of MLB fans say they plan to reduce the amount of money they spend supporting the league and their favorite team because of the lockout
  • Fans of the last three World Series championship teams annually spend the most on team and league merchandise

Over 1,200 fans across all 30 MLB teams participated in the survey.