SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The San Francisco Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy wrote a letter to fans wrapping up his farewell season.

Bochy wasted no time getting strait to the point starting with, ‘To the greatest fans in baseball.”

Bochy went on to explain how Giants fans are like no other, “To be honest, the depth of love this community has for the Giants probably surprised me more than anything else when I took the job. I often saw it from the opposing dugout but you can’t really know it until you experience it here, up close and personal.”

The Giants’ manager continued, “Every day I’d step onto the field and see all three decks filled with people in orange and black, in panda hats, giraffe hats, and fake beards. You were loud and rowdy. You were fanatical. And you were fiercely loyal.”

Bochy reflected back on his time spent with Giants fans and how much it meant to him.

“When we won the 2010 World Series, people came up to me in grocery stores and restaurants to tell me how much the championship meant to their mother or even their grandmother, how long they’d been waiting, how happy they were. To know that our team brought joy to the community also brought joy to our players and me because that’s what we play for. Without you, there is no baseball, no business, no television or talk radio, and no opportunity to compete.”

Bochy spent 13 seasons with the Giants, prior to that he spent 12 seasons managing the San Diego Padres.

Bochy has led the Giants to three World Series Championships and led the Padres to one World Series appearance.

The Giants manager is the 11th manager in MLB history to achieve 2000 wins.

In a recent interview with Giants’ pitcher Madison Bumgarner he explained what made Bochy such a successful manager.

“He’s just got a really high baseball IQ and the competitiveness. Both of those kind of morphed together is a pretty special combination. The game never gets too fast for him. He’s always one step ahead. No matter how far you’ve thought it out, he’s always a step ahead.”

Bumgarner added, “He looks like he’s always into the game and lives and dies on every pitch, every play, just like we do, but he can also keep it light at the same time.”

Giants’ fans might be seeing Bruce Bochy fairly soon as he is taking in consideration to manage Team France in next spring’s World Baseball Classic qualifier.

Bochy is the only French-born manager in MLB history.

Bochy tells NBC Sports, “I told them we would talk again at the end of the season.”

Fans will have to patiently wait to see what unfolds in the near future.

The San Francisco Giants president of baseball operations, Farhan Zaidi announced on Tuesday the team is starting the process to begin looking for a new manager.

The team will start by interviewing Giant’s bench coach Hensley Meulens and third baseman coach Ron Wotus.